Dark Sun - Beyond the Gray

The Marking of the Keys

Necromancy! Defiling! Undead! Arcane Marks!

In the market of Urik the heroes were wandering around going about their own needs unaware of what was to happen. A robed half-orc initiated some kind of powerful, necromantic magic, killing everyone in the marketplace except for the heroes. A Dray, a Thri-kreen, and a Half-giant stood alive, but now with glowing green marks upon their hands in the shape of a dragon skull.

Somehow many of the dead market-goers were raised as undead. The half-orc commanded his new undead minions to capture the newly marked heroes. The heroes proved stronger and killed the half-orc and his unliving servants.

As the heat of battle cools the heroes find themselves stadning amongst dozens, possibly even hundreds of dead citizens and slaves of Urik with calls for the guard and the Templar echoing in the distance. With no time for introductions or questions the heroes are forced to make a quick decision concerning their new situation.



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